A worldwide network of suppliers and agents


GAIA Resources is always looking to meet new reliable suppliers and establish a mutually beneficial relationship. Upon receipt of your information and proposal the GAIA team will do a full assessment of the potential business and perform detailed due diligences. One of our key selection criteria and a strong "personal fit" between our organisations in order to be confident to have reliable and manageable supply logistics.

On some occasions, GAIA Resources would consider a stronger involvement, and possibly a financial investment, if it helps develop the quality control and supply flow of the commodities being considered (we have made or are considering such commitments in the timber and fish sectors).

Please contact us to the following email address: suppliers@gaia-resources.com or directly from our Contact page.


GAIA Resources is always interested in talking to those "well connected" in the business. As a potential GAIA agent, you will probably have worked for some years already in some part of the commodities business. You will be self-standing and well-connected within one of our core sectors, and will work with GAIA as an introducing agent. This can be extremely rewarding as you will be paid directly as a percentage of turnover sold. GAIA is looking to appoint some new agents at the moment, primarily from West Africa but possibly from other parts of the world if in line with our core product focus.

Please contact us to the following email address: agents@gaia-resources.com or directly from our Contact page.