How it all happened

GAIA RESOURCES was founded in March 2009. Initially, GAIA RESOURCES was focused on the importation and distribution of building materials in West Africa, on long and short term basis agreements with major companies within the building construction industry, in partnership with key local distributors.

GAIA RESOURCES expertise and primary focus remains on volume trading. By virtue of its extensive industry relationships, GAIA RESOURCES is able to offer products from China, Turkey and Vietnam and is well placed to make available spot, short term and long term contracts.

Then, GAIA RESOURCES expanded into other commodities, including the trading of fish products, timber and minerals.

GAIA RESOURCES works in close partnership with reputable producers only under long term and off-take contracts.

GAIA RESOURCES adheres to the highest levels of integrity in fulfilling all contractual obligations, which is reflected in some of the credit arrangements we are formulating with globally recognized companies.

GAIA RESOURCES undertakes an ongoing rigorous appraisal of all aspects of its business practices and procedures to ensure that we deliver the highest level of quality to our customers. This is the reason why GAIA RESOURCES has opened offices in several countries in West Africa, in order to be on the ground and perform detailed quality controls, on a daily basis, of the products which we distribute.

Flexibility, reliability and credibility are the main characteristics of GAIA RESOURCES, in order to be supported by international banks, which then enables us to execute complex transactions.